Here’s 8 reasons why real estate and golfing are more relate-able than you might think!

1. Picking a club is like picking a realtor. Some clubs are designed to hit certain shots better, just like some realtors specialize in types of sales more than others. Be sure to do your research, or you might wind up stuck in the rough, no closer to the hole than when you started.

2. Dress for success. If you’re going to earn client’s business, you wouldn’t show up dressed like it’s a football tailgate. Don’t show up for a golf round on the water in 48° weather wearing a tee shirt either. There’s a chance things won’t go so hot 😉 You know the saying….look good, play good.

3. Low beats high. Looking to cut through the wind and still keep your ball in the fairway? Looking to ensure your house for sale stands out in a crowded market? It’s always better to strike the ball low or price the house slightly below market value, than to hit it high into the swirling winds or price it too high at the risk of sitting on the market and losing money quickly.

4. Your equipment matters. You get what you pay for. Some golfers play with the best quality equipment – the ones you’ll find atop the leaderboards. Some realtors offer quality tools – home staging, real-time pricing tools, luxury photos, targeted online ads; while others offer just tools – iPhone pictures, basic property descriptions, zzz…..

5. Not every player makes the cut. Great golfers miss the cut all the time and fail to find themselves competing for the money on Sunday. For home buyers, failure to get your pre-approval done right away in your home purchase process could leave you on the cart path watching everyone else play, and pay, for the home that everyone in the neighborhood wants.

6. Numbers matter. Some agents sell over 90% of their listings, some barely sell 50%. You can tell everyone that you’re the best golfer/realtor around town…but where’s your actual official scorecard?

7. Every shot matters. Even the best golfers find themselves in the sand trap or a bunker from time to time. The best ones will be able to effectively get themselves out in just one shot. Same thing with realtors – even the best ones can’t always ensure you avoid trouble, but the best ones will sure be able to help get you out of it and moving closer to the pin.

8. The 18th hole is always waiting – a pivotal movement in the last hour of the course, one last chance to change your score and result. This is just like the final 72 hours before a real estate closing. Clutch is key!

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