What Home Buyers Can Learn Through Selling Sunset

There are a lot of aspects that clients may not know about the home buying process behind the scenes. Although highly dramatized, the show ‘Selling Sunset’ gives you a glimpse of what it’s like working with a realtor and house hunting.

Besides the drama, one of the best aspects about the show is the break down of what it takes to sell a home and even how commission works for the realtors. Here are some ways ‘Selling Sunset’ is helping break down realtor stereotypes and showcasing all of the hard work that is done to help clients find their dream home!

‘Selling Sunset’ is a show based on luxury real estate agents|Credit: Netflix

Working as a team to generate sales

Every real estate group has one goal, generate sales. Because having a real estate agent is a free service, realtors only make money when a deal is closed. In ‘Selling Sunset’, the struggles of closing a deal is shown as all of the realtors go through different issues when it came to find a home perfect for their clients such as price point, bad-fit and location.

An example is shown when Chrishell was struggling to find a home for one of the founders of the app Wag. Nothing she was showing was working for her client, so her coworker Maya stepped in to help her out.

Maya informed her of a listing of hers that was going live soon and both agreed that it would be the best fit for her client from the description. Both ended up taking her client to the new listing and she fell in love with it eventually closing in on the home. This is a great example of how sometimes realtors will team up to find something that is perfect for a specific client!

Real Estate Agents Helping Each Other Out on ‘Selling Sunset’ | Credit: Netflix

Market House Prices

The homes on ‘Selling Sunset’ are worth millions, ranging from 1.5 to 40 million dollars. The Oppenheim Group is a luxury real estate group, so their clientele mainly consists of celebrities and millionaires.

Many factors are included when it comes to pricing a home for sale. Prices are mostly set up dependent on the area, size of the home, renovations and how long ago the home was built.

The realtors from Selling Sunset also do a great job negotiating with home owners, showcasing how sometimes a home may seem like it will have a higher listing price, when in reality, many factors such as location or a bad view will decrease its value.

Touring different homes to find the perfect fit | Credit: Netflix

Importance of establishing a positive client and agent relationship

The relationship between a client and their agent is VERY important, not only is it business, but the agent has the job of finding the best fit home for their clients needs.

If a positive relationship hasn’t been established then most clients will not be happy with the outcome. The Oppenheim Group truly shows that finding a home is a full-time job, whether it was working with another agent’s listings or even finding homes that were listed outside of their organization.

Hollywood home from ‘Selling Sunset’ sold for $35.5 million | Credit: Netflix

Negotiating Contracts

Whenever a realtor gets an offer for a home, it’s not as easy to just accept it and move on! Realtors on ‘Selling Sunset’ are shown going back and forth on offers between the potential buyer making the offer and the home seller. Sometimes offers are accepted on the first round, but usually there will be a negotiation process with offers being made above asking price when there’s multiple people involved.

The cast on ‘Selling Sunset’ | Credit: Netflix

Process of home selling and buying

The process realtors go through to sell and buy a home for their clients is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes clients will sign deals right away whenever an offer is placed, but most of the time they will go back and forth with clients over the price. The prices might be too high, but also the offer might be too low for the home seller. This is one of the more time consuming stages because you want both parties to be content with what they are getting.

Thanks to ‘Selling Sunset’, viewers are fully able to understand what goes in the life of a real estate agent. Whether you loved or hated the show, it is important to showcase how much work it takes to help people find their perfect home!

The cast on ‘Selling Sunset’ | Credit: Netflix