With humble beginnings in real estate, John and Lindsay started Bonalife Homes as a team of two. Fast forward a few years later and Bonalife Homes has expanded to a 10+ person team while still growing. Let’s take a look at the story behind the founders of Bonalife Homes!

John & Linsday Bonacci from Bonalife Homes | Photography by Luisa Mata

Meet John Bonacci

John got into real estate in a very unique way. After years of being a personal trainer for his own brand, “Body by Bonacci”, John was on the hunt for a space he could call his own. After calling nearly 30 realtors to help him search for a vacant spot, one finally called back and was astounded by John’s drive and determination.

This realtor became a mentor to John and advised that his ambition would serve him well in the real estate industry. Thus beginning the start of John’s career into real estate!

John Bonacci | Photography by Luisa Mata

Realizing this was the right career path for him – he got to use his organizational skills and passion for interpersonal relationships to create Bonalife Homes’ mission: “To empower and educate ALL people to make great real estate decisions”.

John at the Bonalife Homes office | Photography by Luisa Mata

Meet Lindsay Bonacci

Lindsay became interested in real estate after she bought her first house at age 22! At the time, she was working at Starbucks and got really inspired to help other young, millennial buyers like herself go through the home-buying process.

Throughout her life, she has moved over 12 times and saw the stress it took on her family. This motivated her to simplify the home buying process and make it enjoyable to many others. She loves helping new families and individuals look for the perfect home.

John & Lindsay| Photography by Luisa Mata

Creating Bonalife Homes

After meeting through mutual peers in the real estate industry, the pair got married and eventually started their journey with Bonalife Homes!

The word Bonalife is a derivative of their last name “Bonacci” and it means “good life.” As for the bird logo, Lindsay meant for it to resemble a bird in its home, or nest, which is a common analogy used in the office and amongst the rest of the agents.

Their favorite part about coming into work everyday is the opportunity to breathe life into all the teammates and help them get to places in their personal and professional development. 

The Bonalife Homes Team| Photography by Luisa Mata

To someone outside looking in, what sets Bonalife Homes apart is the fact that we bring in so many experiences from many successful companies. All the agents have a solid grasp on the things that make a real estate group successful: service, sales and marketing.

The energy on the team is second to none and everyone works hard to keep the brand differentiated in a very traditional industry!

The Bonalife Homes Team| Photography by Luisa Mata