So the “For Sale” sign has been taken down and you’ve moved all of your furniture into your new home. A week later, all the packing boxes and materials are sitting out in the trash, and the armchair in your living room has been set at the perfect angle.

But what happens next? Do you settle into a routine of meal prepping and calculating how long your commute to work will be? Or, do you wonder about who’s next door?

Moving into a new neighborhood can be hard and your new neighbors are probably just as uncomfortable to introduce themselves as you are. It’s totally normal!

Forming this new sense of community is more than just a plate of cookies or a casserole. Here are a few tips and tricks for creating the sense of community the moment you step foot into your new home:

1. Just say hello!

Going out and taking long walks will help you get accustomed with your new neighborhood. It will also give you the chance to meet your neighbors whether they’re taking a walk or checking their mail! Depending on the situation, you’ll be able to converse with your neighbors and get to know them.

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2. Bake

Do you love to bake? Baking is an AWESOME way to start a conversation with your neighbors! Whether it’s something very simple like chocolate chip cookies or making a cake, the thought of baking something a little special will go a long way when making a good impression.

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3. Dinner Party

Parties are a great way to invite your next door neighbors and get to know them on a personal level. Building a sense of community is very important when it comes to relocating, dinner parties will give you the opportunity to understand each other. You never know, your new best friend might be living next to you!

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4. Volunteer

Is your neighbor leaving town but struggling to find a pet sitter? Why not volunteer! Whether you agree to water their plants or watch over their pets, your neighbors will appreciate it very much. Building the relationship will also allow them to help you out when needed.

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5. Join NextDoor or local Facebook group

There are plenty of online apps that will help you connect with your neighbors! Did you know that there probably is a Facebook group already created for your neighborhood? Now you do! You can share breaking news that affects your community or even offer services such as babysitting, etc. Next Door is also a great app to help connect you with your neighbors!

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