Home staging is an important step in preparing your property for sale. This is one of the final phases in the home selling process. The process involves you basically dressing up your home and present it in the best possible light! When staging, you have to make sure you have an objective point of view, therefore you stage your home in the best possible light. Here are a few DIY tips that will help you sell your current home fast!

Declutter & Depersonalize

The simplest and most cost-effective way to boost your home’s value is creating an open and welcoming atmosphere. That’s where decluttering and minimizing your home plays a big part. Your job is to create a universally appealing look that will blow away prospective buyers. So start off by removing any personal photographs, personal items, quirky decorations, off-season accents so you can create an objective environment. You should always go with a few accents details rather than leaving clutter all over the place!

Home Staging by Hevenle

Stylize Your Space with Rugs

Carpet in your home has long gone out of style, but accent rugs haven’t! If your home is all beautiful hardwood floors, you can add a minimal rug to add a cozy and and inviting vibe. Area rugs are chic accessories that will add a welcoming flair that all clients will love. You can use them to create a layered and deep look to any environment while introducing accents such as a pop of color or a new pattern.

Home Staging by Hevenle

Add Plenty of Mirrors

Mirrors can do wonders once introduced in you home! Mirrors are the perfect accessory and can open up your space. If your home usually doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, mirrors will help you usually expand them and give you home an airy feel! You can use it to elevate your decor as well since there are so many different styles and frame shapes. You can also skip the artwork and decorate your home with mirrors!

Home Staging by Hevenle