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  • You’re great at what you do, but when it comes to articulating it in a way that reflects your true essence AND converts… you feel stuck
  • You’re attracting clients, but not PREMIUM ones
  • You know you need to charge more but you don’t feel confident in ONLY charging premium prices
  • You’re missing a marketing and sales process that brings you predictable results
  • At the end of the day, you go to bed feeling undervalued and overlooked

I believe it’s simply NOT okay that less skilled coaches get more clients when YOU are more competent.

I understand what it’s like to be amazing at what you do but not know how to communicate it in a way that connects and converts.
This is why I’ve helped hundreds of highly skilled coaches and consultants clarify their message, get seen by the right people, and achieve 80-90% conversions without using pressure or complicated sales funnels.

Rae signed $68K in 3 months with just a handful of premium clients

Juliana’s mastermind has been incredible. In being able to understand and feel held by Juliana in the container, I learned how to deepen that emotional holding for myself, which immediately transferred into how I hold space for my clients.

It’s crazy when I think about the ripple effect and the numbers. I was ready for the next level and it was Juliana who helped me go for it.

Rae Irelan – Soulful Business Strategist
Lucia went from $10K months
to $20K months working with less clients

This mastermind has been such a catalyzer in both my personal and professional life. I love being in the midst of amazing souls that have the courage to keep striving for more. Thank you, Juliana, for showing the way for me to keep winning.

Lucia Fernandez – Piano Teacher For Children of High Net Worth Families
Eugenia signed a client at
$96K with ease

I’m one of those over-achievers who always does everything herself, but I knew I needed an incredible coach to get where I was going. The support in Juliana’s mastermind was multi-layered and the interaction was so heartfelt. In the last few weeks of the mastermind, I signed a $96K client contract and it felt SO easy. Then I went on to have a $250K launch!

The big shift for me was feeling liberated to talk about what I actually wanted to talk about and allow the message I had in me to come out.

Eugenia Oganova – Wealth Energetics Coach


That you need:


I’m here to tell you – YOU DON’T!

What if I told you your coaching business could be SIMPLE and you could have a full roster of clients you love?

And that you could attract premium clients by simply learning how to speak their language.

Because the truth is premium clients are everywhere.

They’re not hiding.

The only thing between you and them is the words you say to capture their attention.

And the way you do that is to articulate the value of what you do in a powerful way with a…

That’s why I created the Magnetize & Monetize Method.
In it, I combine my 10+ years of experience in direct response copywriting, human psychology, marketing, and sales with the piece that’s missing:

Expressed in a clear marketing message that magnetizes the most delightful clients you’ve ever worked with.
And this hasn’t just worked for me.
It’s worked for hundreds of my clients.
Jessica signed her first $120K client using Juliana’s framework.

I signed a client at $120K. She is in one of the groups I’m in where I posted just once using Juliana’s framework. The call was easy. It was like chatting with an old friend with her saying, “I have to work with you and how synchronistic the timing is.” She said I was exactly what she needed and signed up. No objections.

Jessica Fenton – Quantum Leap Guide
TaVona went from making $40K in 12 months to $102K in 3 months

The first time I came in contact with Juliana’s brilliance was in the Magnetize and Monetize Mastermind, resulting in a $102K launch.

My favorite part of working with her is how she is always offering “upgrades” in how we think of ourselves, our value and our clients. That alone is worth the investment!

TaVona Denise – Life & Business Coach
Caitlin hit her first 6-figure year – thanks to Juliana’s mastermind.

Since joining the mastermind I hit my first 6-figure year. Now I feel so confident in what I offer and who I am as a business coach. I believe anybody who joins forces with Juliana gets brought into her jetstream, and expansion is the only possible result. The return is going to be 10-20 times the investment. It’s literally a no-brainer.

Caitlin Naramore – Modern Queen Business Coach


Is an intimate 3-month experience for coaches and consultants who want to activate their inner magnetism, clarify their message to attract premium clients, and get fully booked consistently.

The Last Marketing & Sales Program You’ll Ever Need

From mindset to marketing and a solid sales process… you’ll learn how to tie it all together so you can maximize your impact and preserve your energy and time.

Specific Soulful, Money-Making Copywriting Formulas

Nothing else out there goes this deep into copywriting strategies to help you connect with your ideal clients on a soul level and convert with grace.

This skill alone will forever make you money.

Zero Fluff. Short Actionable Videos.

No information overload. Here you get short, potent 10-min videos (no more than 1 hour per week) that give you the exact actionable steps to get results fast.

Intimate & High Touch Support

No other mastermind offers the level of INTIMACY and personalized attention you get here. There are 40 spots in total, but the group is split into two ‘pods’ so I can fully support, guide, and coach you every step of the way.

Plus, you get access to my highly experienced copy coaches EVERY DAY in the Facebook group.

Never Feel “Behind”

I’ve carefully designed this mastermind to focus on ACTION. You get one week of implementation between each phase so you have time to integrate the information and catch up if life gets in the way.

Get The Answers And Support You Actually Need

Every one of my clients always walks away satisfied and with EXACTLY what they came for.

12 x weekly live group strategy calls with me where you can get intensive coaching to help you clarify your message and breakdown the barriers to your success (Value $20,000)
​12-month access to the modules, templates, and playbooks so you have plenty of time to implement and never have to buy another marketing program again​ (Value $10,000)
​​A highly engaged Facebook community with your new ride-or-die crew of entrepreneurs to propel you to your next level (Value $2,000)
​​​Access to my proven lead generation system that helps you attract qualified leads without any ads (Value $2,500 + NO FB AD SPEND!)
​​​​A personalized content calendar for your business so you never run out of ideas, EVER (Value $2,000)
​​​​​My signature Magnetic Launch Method to help you sell out your offers and become that high-demand coach you’ve envisioned. This is how my clients achieve multiple 6-figure launches! (Value $5,000)


My experienced, world-class, heart-based conversion copywriters will be in your corner to help you make your copy irresistible, so you can sell your offers and attract clients way faster than if you were doing it alone! Copy support at this level would usually cost thousands on its own.

​​​​​Value: $10,000


My amazing energy healer helps you remove invisible energetic blocks that make business feel harder than it needs to be. You’ll get a personalized energy hygiene practice to help success come with ease and settle with grace.

​​​​​Value: $5,000


Do you keep sabotaging your success every time you decide to level up? This Hypnotic Track is designed to help you rewire your brain and activate your inner magnetism so you can unlock your next level of income.

This bonus alone will transform the game for you!

​​​​​Value: $2,500


Know you need to sell on video, but the thought of going live on Facebook has you quaking in your boots? It’s time to show up with confidence and personality (yes, quirks are encouraged!) and naturally sell your offers to your audience WITHOUT feeling weird about it.

​​​​​Value: $1,500

But your investment is just a fraction of that…

Even though marketing has always been my profession, I used to HATE IT.
In 2014, I was the girl behind the scenes for some of the top coaches in the personal development industry – doing big launches for projects like the movie version of Think and Grow Rich…

And I was f*cking great at it.

But it had all started to feel impersonal.

It felt inauthentic. Contrived. Pushy.

So when I started my business, I wanted to do things differently.
To show up with the intimacy I knew people were craving.

To create a new kind of launch.

One that connects with the clients who are truly ready to create change in their lives.

​​​​​It turned out, my hunch was right.

Since then, my business has generated more than $2M in revenue without any ads, or sacrificing my health or relationships.

I’m fully booked months in advance and I sell my premium offers with ease.

(I even canceled my usual high-impact challenge last launch and still oversold the program!)

And this didn’t just work for me.
Here are some of my clients’ results…

  • Jazze went from $6K per month to her first million dollar year in just 12 months
  • Maddie went from charging $1,000 to $9,000 for her packages with confidence.
  • Elaina went from $30K months to consistent $120K months
  • Emmanuelle went from earning $72K per year to $102K in 2 months in her marketing consulting business.
  • Chris went from charging ‘pay-what you-can’ to $60K in sales in 5 months as a mindset coach.

They signed premium clients and booked out
their offers by clarifying their message
From underpricing to making
consistent 6-figure months
Multiple 6-figure year just by
following the framework
6 figures in contracts signed
with the most aligned clients


Elevate The Quality of Clients You Attract

You’ll understand how PREMIUM clients think and what naturally inspires them to buy. And I’ll teach you a process to start attracting leads and enroll your first few PREMIUM clients.

Design Your Unique Methodology

I’ll help you design, package, and price a signature method that’s completely unique to you and it’s PREMIUM. You’ll be able to scale your business to consistent 5-figure months with confidence knowing exactly how to deliver your gifts in a 1:1 or a group container.

Your Magnetic Marketing Message

We’ll create a cohesive, concise, and compelling message for your business so you always know what to say to communicate the value of what you do on videos, your website, and all your marketing assets to drive sales.

Integration Week

Create A Magnetic Brand

What makes people choose YOU over every other coach out there? It’s how you express your wisdom and TRUE essence in your content. I’ll teach you how to position yourself as the FIRST CHOICE for premium clients and become highly sought after.

Audience Growth + Lead Gen

Let’s get more eyes on you, shall we? Because there’s no point creating epic content and offers if no one can see them! You’ll get my process for creating a constant flow of leads by showing up in the *right places*.

Magnetic Content Trifecta

I’ve decoded my high-converting posts and turned them into soulful, empathy-based frameworks and formulas so you never start with a blank page.

You’ll master the 9 types of posts that have helped me scale to 5-figure months consistently and learn how to master Facebook Live to get your calendar fully booked with discovery calls.

Integration Week

Pre-Qualification Process

No more spending hours on the phone with people who aren’t a match for your epic offer. It’s time to put systems in place to make sure you run an efficient operation and preserve your energy for epic clients only.

My Soulful & High-Converting Sales

Imagine selling 5-figure packages with ease and receiving payment in full after having a fun, empowering conversation with your new highly invested client.

That’s my reality and my clients’ reality. After this module, it will be yours too.

Deliver an Epic Experience

I’ll show you how to delight your clients and create a never-ending referral system that can support your business, even if you stop doing marketing altogether.

Integration Week

Denise made $75K by using Juliana’s Magnetic Marketing Message Brandscript

I used Juliana’s Sales Flow Video and Magnetic Marketing Message Branscript and have seen a huge improvement in my sales. I made $75K while in the mastermind and just so excited to see how my business will evolve further.

I absolutely love this mastermind and I love Juliana to the moon!

Denise Vernieri – Business Coach For Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs

Paula went from trying a lot of things that didn’t work to finding her purpose and flow
Before I started the mastermind I wasn’t always choosing the right clients to work with and I felt like I was trying a lot of things that weren’t working. It’s probably one of the only masterminds or business groups where I’ve shown up to every single call because I didn’t want to miss out on a thing! It’s made me feel really on purpose and in flow – like I’m doing exactly what I’m here to do.

Paula Maidens – Team Building Coach for Entrepreneurs

From overwhelmed and burned out to doubling her income with ease
I was overwhelmed and experiencing burnout in my business. Plus I was totally without any fulfillment – I’d stopped loving what I was doing and it felt more like a chore. I managed to double my income doing less and make $7K within 30 days of starting work with Juliana. But I also experienced so much more fulfillment. Now I get to spend time with my family and know that I’m supporting them doing something I really love.

Scarlet Vincent – Social Media Marketing Expert

This is an application-only mastermind
with ONLY 40 25 SEATS LEFT


It wouldn’t be a premium program without a premium price tag, but you know investing in yourself brings BIG returns.


12 x live group strategy calls
Access to the modules, templates, playbooks, content calendar, and launch method
Facebook group
Personalized copy coaching
Magnetic Activation And Energy Acceleration
Custom Hypnotic Track
Facebook Lives That Sell

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Here are some answers to the most common questions people ask before joining the Magnetize & Monetize Mastermind
Q. Who is this program for?
Whether you are at the 5k per month mark or 50k per month mark this Mastermind has been designed for coaches and consultants who are already creating amazing transformations for their clients, but want to be fully booked with PREMIUM clients, consistently.

You’ve already served a number of clients and you want to create a simple business model where you’re not selling low-ticket memberships or courses. You want to create a premium business model that can take you to 6 and multiple 6-figures with less work.
Q. Is this program going to show me how to launch?
Yes. This program is going to show you how to create high demand for your 1:1 and high-ticket group offers, using my Magnetic Launch Formula™.

This is the process my clients have used to create their own 6-figure launches, and you’ll get a step-by-step behind-the-scenes guide to how I sell-out this program Every. Single. Time.
Q. My niche isn’t clear. What do I need to have in place to be successful in this program?
You’re in the right place! This program has been designed to help you get super clear on your niche to create a magnetic message and brand that connects with premium clients who want exactly what you have.

As long as you’re already serving clients well and you’re prepared to do the work to unlock your unique essence, you have what it takes to be successful in this program.
Q. My niche isn’t clear. What do I need to have in place to be successful in this program?
You’re in the right place! This program has been designed to help you get super clear on your niche to create a magnetic message and brand that connects with premium clients who want exactly what you have.

As long as you’re already serving clients well and you’re prepared to do the work to unlock your unique essence, you have what it takes to be successful in this program.
Q. What’s your coaching style?
I love this question. If you want to know about my style, Checck out the video above where I show how I help my clients achieve such incredible results.
Q. What’s the time investment for this program?
Don’t worry, you won’t be watching hours and hours of long trainings.

You’ll get 1 hour of short actionable videos each week that will guide you to implement the revenue-generating activities to attract premium clients.

Plus, you’ll have 90-minute calls every week with me, to help you refine what you’ll learn in the modules.
Q. When are the call times? I’m in Australia or the UK and I want to know if I’ll be able to make it…
Great question! I’m based in the US but my clients are from all over the world, so I’ve split the mastermind into two ‘pods’ with different call times.

The call times will be:
– Thursdays at 3pm PST (Aussie friendly time)
– Fridays 9am PST (European friendly time)
Q. Do I have to be a coach to join this mastermind?
This mastermind program has been specifically designed for experienced coaches AND consultants who want to be fully booked with PREMIUM clients.

That means whether you’re a life coach, business coach, relationship coach, OR you’re a healer, marketer, recruiter, or anyone who sells a high-level service – this program will work for you.

If you’re not sure, check out the videos from the range of people who’ve had incredible success in the program. I LOVE working with people from all different industries who are absolutely rocking it with their clients.
Q. Do I get access to all the modules at once?
Yes! once your mastermind application is accepted and you have paid your first installment (or paid in full), you will have access to all the materials in the program so you can get started straight away.

You can dive into right into module 1 where you get an opportunity to make your money back.

Theres’s SO much value in the content that you won;t find anywhere else, including step by step behind-the -scenes guide to how I run my sold out-launches.

Trust me, you’ll want to dive in there as soon as you can!
Q. Is there a Facebook group for support?
Absolutely. This is where so much of the magic happens. You’ll get to learn from the questions your peers ask and see the masterful minds in this group come up with solutions.

We (Juliana and the support coaches) will be giving you feedback within 24 hours on all your questions.
Q. What happens when I apply?
When you click that ‘APPLY’ button, you’re going to be taken to a form where I ask a few questions about you and your business to get a feel for whether or not we’re a good fit to work together.

These questions will help me audit your business and understand if you’re the right fit, so please be as clear as possible.

Due to high demand, at the end of the application form you’ll be asked to pay a $500 refundable deposit.

If you’re selected for the next round of the program, this will go towards your mastermind fee. If it’s not the right fit for you, the $500 will be refunded.

This program is

You’re a coach (health, relationships, sales, business, marketing) or consultant (photographer, digital marketer, stylist) known for giving clients amazing results.
​​You know you could do this alone but you want to collapse the timeline to your results.
You’re an action taker and a go-getter (what I teach inside this mastermind 100% works, but only if you work it).
You’re attracting clients but, whether you’re at $5K months or $25K months, you want to double your revenue by working with fewer, more premium clients.
You’re looking for world-class marketing that’s equal parts strategy AND soul.
​You want to be surrounded and supported by some of the top coaches in the industry and have them as your best friends.
You want mindset expansion AND the tangible steps you can follow all the way to the bank — not just one or the other.

This is

You’re worried investing at this level will put you into needy and rushed energy (only join if you’re going to allow yourself to be relaxed and receptive throughout the process). *Hint: this is why you’re not attracting premium clients.
You’re looking for a way to earn ‘passive income’ selling low-ticket products while drinking a margarita in Mexico.
You have no idea what you’re selling and have no experience serving ANY clients.
​You’re looking for an easy fix and don’t want to put in any effort to create authentic content.
​You expect to get to multiple 6-figures just by investing in this mastermind and have no desire to take any action. #sorrynotsorry

Imagine knowing exactly what to say

in your marketing message in order to magnetize the right people to you…
Imagine being able to consistently write epic content that shows elegant vulnerability and your authority at the same time.
Imagine waking up to messages from high-caliber, premium clients because they felt a non-negotiable pull to work with you.
​Imagine closing premium clients on the spot with confidence.

You won’t have to imagine it for much longer.

That’s the reality you’ll be living after the Magnetize & Monetize Mastermind.


*We start in September 2021. Only 40 25 spots left.

Information for the flyer:

  • 6-Figure Mompreneur Mastermind.

An intimate 3-month experience for ambitious coaches, consultants & experts who want to:

Consistently Land Dream Clients

Charge Premium Prices with Confident

Get Back More Time in Their Day

Big Promise:

You will walk away able to land premium dream clients and hit your revenue goals consistently without having to spend hours on marketing so you can build a profitable 6-Figure Business with simplicity.

Using my M.O.M.S.S. Framework we:

M. Master your Magnetic Messaging & Marketing –

O. Optimize your Signature Offer –

M. Mindset Renewal –

S. Sales with a Servant Heart –

S. Simplify & Streamline your Business –

Here is what you get:

Weekly (90 min) Group Coaching call — (Messaging, Marketing, Sales, Mindset)


(3) private 1:1 coaching calls – never get stuck, always have individualized support


Private Facebook group – support and accountability from other amazing women

Monthly Guest Expert Trainings– various topics to support you in life and business.

9 modules- templates and short videos – actionable, no fluff



EXPERT Visibility Strategy, Pitch Script & a List of over

100+ Media and Podcasts – get more exposure and in front of your ideal clients while increasing your credibility, authority and expertise.

120 days’ worth of Content Planner Templates & Headlines that

Convert – highly converting plug and play templates so you know exactly what to post every single day to generate leads and make sales.             

Accelerated Cash Injection Workshop – Make your $ back ASAP!

Betta pricing for this round

Doors Close July 25th

Only 9 Spots Left

Apply & Book your FREE Call Today–

Or send me a Message